Case Number: BC680810    Hearing Date: January 10, 2018    Dept: 56

Case Name:                Abbazi v. Hughes, et al.

Case No.:                    BC680810

Matter:                        Demurrer & Motion to Strike Complaint

Tentative Ruling: Demurrer is sustained; Motion to strike is granted.

Plaintiff Siddhartha Abbazi filed this action against Defendants Lily Hughes, Tony Gradford, and Public Storage. The complaint consists of a form complaint with 18 pages of narrative. Defendants demur to the complaint on the grounds of uncertainty and failure to state sufficient facts, and they move to strike portions of the complaint as irrelevant and improper.

The demurrer is sustained and the motion to strike is granted on all grounds asserted by Defendants. The complaint is entirely unclear, does not allege facts supporting viable claims, and contains irrelevant and improper matter. Plaintiff is given 20 days to file an amended complaint.